Automation and Material Handling Systems

Tip Up Furnace Systems

Tip Up Furnace System

Automatic, Continuous Furnaces

Austenitize Quench and Temper Heat Treat System

Strip Annealing Furnace System

Strip Annealing Furnace System

Kleenair Products Co. designs and manufactures a wide range of reliable, high quality automation and material handling systems alongside our heat treating furnaces and industrial ovens. Our engineering team can design a customized system tailored your unique parts, process and production requirements. These systems are also designed using the highest safety and quality standards. Parts and services are available for all automation and material handling systems.

Systems Include:

  • Automated Manipulators, capable of lifting and transferring heavy loads.
  • Load and Unload Conveyors
  • Roller Tables
  • Continuous Furnaces
  • Conveyor Ovens
  • Quenching Systems
  • Customized Systems

Kleenair Products’ provides greater productivity, product consistency and machine operator safety. Contact Kleenair Products Co. today for further details on how we can supply your manufacturing facility with top-quality Kleenair Automation and Material Handling Systems.