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Tip-Up Heat Treat Batch Furnace

Tip-Up Heat Treat Furnace.
Tip-up batch furnace used by the aerospace industry in the heat treating of titanium and nickel alloy forgings. Automated system includes a quench tank in the floor, with a manipulator in from of each Furnace. Visit our photo gallery for more Tip-Up Furnaces photos.

Custom Tip-Up Furnaces

The Batch Furnace Experts

Using proven batch furnace technology and innovative designs, Kleenair Products Co. provides custom tip-up furnaces (a.k.a. also known as clamshell furnaces) that match our customers’ exact specifications. Based on your performance and design requirements, we will develop a custom solution that provides the performance you need and a footprint that fits your space. Kleenair have been the batch furnace experts for more than 50 years—contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Advanced Clamshell Tie-Up Furnaces with High Speed Actuators

The lid of a clamshell tie-up furnace tips back to allow for very fast loading/unloading of treated parts, making this option ideal for high temperature quenching applications. With our proprietary high-speed actuators, our tip-up furnaces provide some of the fastest opening times in the industry. When equipped with Kleenair automated load manipulators, our custom clamshell tie-up furnaces can move loads of 30,000 lbs. or more from the furnace’s workzone and fully into the quench tank in less than 30 seconds.

  • Kleenair manufactures the industry’s best seals
  • Lid tips back for easy access
  • High speed actuators for fast load/unload
  • Can be equipped with automated load manipulators for fast quench operations
  • Natural gas or electric heat
  • Advanced control systems/HMIs for easy operation
  • Built to last with heavy duty construction
  • Meet NFPA 86 and OSHA requirements

Processes & Materials for Tip-Up Furnaces 

Our custom tip-up furnaces can reach temperatures as high as 2,250°F (1,232°C), with Class 1 through Class 5 temperature uniformity, per your specifications. Along with fast opening/closing capabilities, this makes them well-suited to numerous applications.

Contact Us for A Custom Tip-Up Furnace

Based on your specifications and application and performance needs, Kleenair will design, engineer, manufacture, and install the perfect tip-up furnace for your unique application. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality, most dependable furnaces in the industry, with superior temperature uniformity and usability. Request a quote on a custom clamshell furnace, or contact us to discuss your project.