Custom Quenching Systems for Industrial Furnaces & Ovens

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Drop Bottom Heat Treat Furnace with quench tank

Automated Heat Treat Furnace with Quench Tank.
Large drop bottom heat treat solution furnace with quench tank. Built in 2007, this automated system is used in the forging of large seamless aluminum rolled rings.  Visit our photo gallery for more Quenching System photos.

Heat Treat Quenching Tank, Electronics and Elevator

Custom Quenching Systems for Industrial Furnaces & Ovens

Integrate into your Industrial Furnace a Complete Heat and Quench System

Quenching can be part of the heat treating process in which heated metals are rapidly cooled in water, oil, or polymer quenchants to impart specific material properties. For maximum effectiveness, heated parts and materials must be moved from the heat source to the quenching bath as quickly as possible.

With this in mind, Kleenair Products Co. provides custom quenching systems that can be integrated into your industrial furnace or oven setup for a complete heat and quench system. All of our batch furnaces and ovens, continuous furnaces and ovens, and industrial furnaces can incorporate a custom quench tank. We can provide stationary or moveable quenching systems.

Innovative Controls & Automation for All Quenching Operations

Our custom furnaces and quenching systems utilize state-of-the-art controls and HMIs (human-machine interfaces), making operation and programming easy, even for complex, multi-stage applications like heat and quench processing. A custom control setup gives you all the functionality you need, with no unnecessary controls to slow down your process, while intuitive software and interfaces provide outstanding usability.

We can also provide custom automated material handling systems to improve productivity and operator safety. Our custom robotic manipulators will move your materials from one stage to the next, quickly and efficiently, all with just one push of a button. Our automated material handling technology can transfer heated parts from the furnace to the quenching tank in 10 seconds or less.

Contact Us for A Custom Heat & Quench System for Custom Furnaces

With more than 50 years’ experience in the design, manufacture, and installation of custom furnaces and quenching systems, Kleenair Products can provide the perfect solution for your unique application. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality, most innovative products in the industry. Request a quote on the custom heat and quench system you need, or contact us to discuss your project.