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Industrial Furnace Services and Parts Support

Kleenair Parts and Service Department

When an industrial furnace or oven is not functioning at peak productivity, industrial heat system service and support provides industrial oven parts to get it running again at optimal efficiency. By utilizing industrial furnace and oven temperature uniformity services and on-site oven and furnace calibration and certification, Kleenair can help to maximize the output and efficiency of your industrial furnace.

Contact us for more information regarding our industrial heat system service and support department and premium industrial furnace parts. Call us at 800-275-5152 and we will gladly answer your questions regarding any of our industrial heat process system retrofit services.

Industrial Heat System Service and Support Department

At Kleenair, we employ some of the most knowledgeable and qualified service technicians in the industry. If your oven or furnace needs replacement parts or needs emergency or routine maintenance, give our service department a call at 800-275-5152. Our Combustion Services include:

On Site Oven and Furnace Calibration and Certification Services

On site calibration and certification services is something that many companies are required to have to ensure the quality of their product. Kleenair can offer onsite certification, documentation and stickered visual verification of all instruments. We can also provide verification of TC accuracy to a NIST traceable source to give you reassurance that your product is being run at accurate temperatures. provide you with the documentation that you need for approval of your quality control programs. Some of the high-quality certifications that we offer include:

  • ISO9000
  • ASM2750

Industrial Furnace and Oven Temperature Uniformity Services

Temperature uniformity services provides piece of mind for a variety of industries and applications. The data obtained through this service can be used for approval of specifications, troubleshooting or quality assurance of critical products such as aerospace. During our temperature uniformity surveys we provide the following services:

  • Verify of your furnace’s classification
  • Define the qualified working zone
  • Set up an ongoing testing schedule
  • Measure how tightly the furnace stays in tolerance
  • Place the correct number of required TUS sensors
  • Determine the correct load conditions and furnace atmosphere
  • Test the temperature uniformity range within the qualified working zone
  • Collect and report the data in accordance with AMS2750

Industrial Furnace and Oven Combustion System Safety Audits

Combustion System Safety Audits (CSS-Audits) can minimize down time and help increase productivity. This program can also help satisfy NFPA standards that requires no less than annual inspections on all combustion equipment. CSS-Audits are used as a guideline for safety regulations nationwide. Combustion System Safety Audits can be as simple as a predesigned inspection sheet that includes the inspection and testing of all safety interlock and safety devices. These audits are accomplished according to a customer designed testing procedure that satisfies EHS managers or insurance carriers. Kleenair offers CSS-Audits to fit your production schedules. CSS-Audits can be scheduled as a one-time on-site visit or as a planned program of quarterly, semi-annual or annual visits.

Industrial Furnace and Oven Troubleshooting Services

We currently employ individuals that have experience in the field of combustion technology, so finding a problem that we can’t solve is no easy task. Our service department is on call 24/7, so whatever time of day or night we will make someone available to solve your problem, give us a call at 800-275-5152. Kleenair also maintains a full industrial furnace parts department to support our service department as we diagnose and repair your combustion problems.

Industrial Heat Process System Retrofit Services

As equipment ages and wears over time, or national and state safety codes change, industrial furnace upgrades are inevitable. As a certified OEM, Kleenair can provide advance retrofit services to bring your industrial oven or furnace up to date.  Some of the advanced retrofit services that we can provide include:

  • Mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Full fabrication
  • Modify/install new mechanical or electrical parts and equipment
  • Component testing and equipment startup

When the job is completed you will have a newly retrofitted piece of equipment that is ready for production. This service is available on a time and material basis or depending on the scope of the project can be estimated for cost planning.

Industrial Oven & Furnace Parts Department

Honeywell Eclipse Honeywell Kromschroder Dungs Combustion Control
Honeywell Pyromation Yokogawa

At Kleenair, we maintain a full-service industrial furnace parts department. Every heat treating furnaceindustrial oven and automated process system we build, are backed by the best parts and services from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry today. As a certified OEM parts provider, our industrial oven parts are manufactured to your system’s exact specifications. We provide OEM certified parts from the following manufacturers:

  • Temperature Controls
  • Flame Safety Controls
  • Industrial Burners
  • Industrial Furnace Burner Parts
  • Thermocouples
  • Control Actuators
  • Pressure Switches
  • Valves Regulators
  • Motors
  • Much More

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