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Investment Casting Furnace

Investment Casting Furnace.
A batch style Investment Cast Burnout / Preheat Furnace, used with all types of metals and ceramic molds. Visit our photo gallery for more Investment Casting Furnace photos.

Custom Investment Casting Furnaces

Precise Temperature Control and Excellent Temperature Maintenance for Investment Casting Furnaces 

Investment casting is a complex, multi-step process. The shape of the part to be cast is first produced in wax or polymer. The wax or polymer dummy part is then dipped in a special ceramic slurry, and then fired to melt out the wax/polymer material and preheat the ceramic mold. This process leaves a hollow mold in the shape of the part. Molten metal is then poured into the mold to make the part

An industrial furnace is used to cure the ceramic molds and melt/burn out the wax. An investment casting furnace requires precise temperature control and excellent temperature maintenance to ensure that the ceramic materials are fired evenly and thoroughly.

The Industrial Furnace Experts

Kleenair Products Co. has been designing, building, and installing custom industrial furnaces for more than 50 years. Based on your process requirements, we will design and manufacture a custom investment casting furnace that delivers the performance you need in a footprint that fits your space. We are the industrial furnace experts.

Our investment casting furnaces feature innovative controls and HMIs (human-machine interfaces) that make operation easy. Intuitive software and custom functionality give you precision control of the temperature, duration, and processing atmosphere of your investment casting operation. Optional automated material handling systems enhance productivity and operator safety.

Investment Casting Furnace Options

Kleenair can provide your custom investment casting furnace in batch furnace, pusher furnace, and other configurations. We will help you determine which option is best suited to your application and performance requirements.

Features & Benefits of Kleenair Investment Casting Furnaces

  • Kleenair manufactures the industry’s best door seals, door hinges, and door actuators
  • Natural gas or electric heat
  • Single or multiple load/unload access doors
  • Innovative controls/HMIs make operation and programming easy
  • Remote control capable
  • Advanced combustion and insulation technology provides unrivaled temperature uniformity with reduced fuel/energy costs
  • Conform to AMS 2750 standards for temperature uniformity
  • Heavy duty components and construction
  • Can be equipped with automated material handling systems
  • Built tough with heavy duty components and construction

Contact Us for A Custom Investment Casting Furnace

Kleenair Products has the experience and expertise to deliver the perfect investment casting furnace for your unique needs. We will design, engineer, manufacture, and install a custom investment casting furnace that matches your specifications. Request a quote on a custom investment casting furnace, or contact us to discuss your project.