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Industrial Furnaces for the Defense Industry

An industrial furnace for defense equipment manufacturing is designed to produce military-grade metal parts and components. Industrial furnaces are custom-built to provide a range of heating processes that meet military-grade production standards.

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Kleenair Delivers Fully Customized Furnaces for the Defense Industry

Manufactured at our facility in Clackamas, Oregon (USA), every furnace we produce for the defense industry is pre-programmed and test-fired to ensure customer satisfaction, then shipped factory-direct via truck or ocean container to your business anywhere in the world. Our industrial furnaces for defense equipment part manufacturing are custom-built to your specifications while taking into consideration the following unique aspects of your application:

  • Temperature uniformity
  • Process control
  • Airflow requirements
  • Design

High-Precision Heat Treatment Furnaces for the Defense Industry

Industrial furnaces for defense equipment component manufacturing are designed and engineered to perform various processes such as heat treating, drying, curing, and quenching to improve the part’s strength, performance, and reliability. Fully customizable batch and continuous furnaces for military and defense part manufacturing applications produce components for aircraft, firearms, armor plating, vehicles, and much more.

Why Choose Kleenair for Your Custom Industrial Furnace Needs?

With over 50 years of experience designing, engineering, and manufacturing custom industrial furnaces and ovens, Kleenair Products can produce a custom industrial furnace for defense equipment component manufacturing based on your project specifications. Some of the advantages of working with Kleenair for your custom-built industrial furnace and oven needs include:

  • Unrivaled Experience & Expertise
  • Unique Custom Options
  • Premium Quality Materials
  • Ongoing Support Throughout the Life of the Furnace or Oven

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Searching for a fully customizable industrial furnace for manufacturing military-grade parts and components? Turn to Kleenair for the design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of a custom industrial furnace or oven that meets your application and performance requirements.

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