Custom Stress Relieving Ovens and Furnaces

An industrial stress relieving oven or furnace is designed to raise the temperature of a component marginally below its transformation temperature. This increase in temperature removes internal stresses caused by secondary processes such as machining, cold forming, or welding. Kleenair Products provides custom stress relieving oven and stress relieving furnace options designed to your exact specification requirements.

At Kleenair Products, we will work with you to develop a custom stress relieving furnace or oven that delivers the performance you need in a footprint that fits your space. Our knowledgeable experts will design, manufacture, and install a stress relieving oven or furnace that will precisely fit your custom needs.

Contact us for more information regarding the benefits of a stress relieving oven or furnace, or call us at 800-275-5152 and we will gladly answer any questions that you may have. Kleenair Products is your trusted source for premium industrial stress relieving and heat treating furnaces and ovens.

Stress Relieving Oven & Furnace Options

Kleenair Products Co. offers custom stress relieving ovens and furnaces in various configurations. Stress relieving furnace and oven options include:

Stress Relieving Furnace & Oven Process Advantages

Stress relief furnaces and ovens provide stress relief in materials generated by welding, heat processing, or machining. Our stress relieving furnaces and ovens have a temperature range up to 1,800° F while providing superior economical operation processes that conserve energy and costs. Additional stress relieving oven and furnace design features and benefits include:

  • Intuitive controls/HMIs make it easy to program your furnace for the time/temperature requirements of your heat treating process
  • Kleenair manufactures the industry’s best door seals, door actuators, and door hinges
  • Natural gas or electric heat
  • Compatible with specialized process atmospheres (hydrogen, endothermic, argon, etc.)
  • Single or multiple load/unload access doors
  • Remote control capable
  • Advanced combustion and insulation systems ensure superior temperature uniformity with reduced energy/fuel costs
  • Conform to AMS 2750 temperature uniformity standards
  • Built to last with heavy duty construction
  • Optional automated material handling and quenching systems

Stress Relieving Furnace & Oven Applications

Kleenair Products’ custom stress relieving furnaces and ovens provide industrial stress relieving solutions for a wide range of applications throughout numerous industries including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Heat treating
  • Gas/oil
  • Steel

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