Custom Powdered Metal Sintering / MIM Furnaces

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Hydrogen Atmosphere Pusher Sintering Furnace

Hydrogen Atmosphere Pusher Sintering Furnace.

A continuous hydrogen atmosphere pusher furnace. Built in 2001, this furnace is used in the sintering of molybdenum and tungsten powdered metal parts. Visit our photo gallery for more Powdered Metals and Sintering photos.                               

Custom Powdered Metal Sintering / MIM Furnaces

High Temp Furnaces with Precise Temperature Control & Uniformity

Many metals can be processed through sintering—carbon steel, tungsten, molybdenum, titanium, etc. In this process, powdered metal is combined with a binder and other materials to form a slurry. The sole purpose of this slurry is to hold the powdered metal granules together during processing. The powdered metal slurry is pressed into molds to create the desired part shape, and then heated, often under pressure or vacuum, and often in a protective atmosphere (hydrogen, etc.). The extreme temperatures of the sintering furnace—up to 3,300°F (1,816°C)—debind the binder, leaving a solid metal part behind. Parts can be sintered into the final part  shape or in a raw shape that requires additional machining or finishing.

The Industrial Furnace Experts

With over five decades of experience in the design, engineering, manufacture, and installation of custom furnaces, Kleenair Products Co. are the industrial furnace experts. We will work from your unique specifications to design and build a custom sintering furnace or custom metal injection molding furnace that delivers the performance you need in a footprint that fits your space.

All of Kleenair’s custom sintering and MIM furnaces include advanced controls and HMIs (human-machine interfaces) to make operation and programming easy. Optional automated material handling systems help boost productivity and improve operator safety.

Sintering Furnace & MIM Furnace Options

Kleenair Products provides sintering and MIM furnace technology in pusher furnace and batch furnace configurations. We will help you select the best option for your sintering or metal injection molding application.

Features & Benefits of Kleenair MIM & Sintering Furnaces

  • Kleenair manufactures the industry’s best door seals and door mechanisms
  • Door seals are customized to your process requirements
  • Electrically heat
  • Compatible with all process atmosphere requirements (vacuum, pressure, endothermic, hydrogen, etc.)
  • Single or multiple load/unload access doors
  • State-of-the-art controls/HMIs for easy operation and programming
  • Remote control capable
  • Innovative combustion and insulation systems ensure superior temperature uniformity with reduced fuel and energy costs
  • Conform to AMS 2750 standards for temperature uniformity
  • Heavy duty components and construction
  • Can be equipped with automated material handling systems                                                          

Contact Us for A Custom Sintering Furnace or MIM Furnace

Based on your process and application requirements, Kleenair Products will develop the perfect sintering or metal injection molding furnace. We take pride in delivering the best performing and most reliable industrial furnaces in the industry, with superior temperature uniformity and usability. Request a quote on the custom sintering furnace or custom MIM furnace you need, or contact us to discuss your project.