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Hydrogen Atmosphere Pusher Sintering Furnace

Pusher Sintering Furnace.
Pusher furnace used for the sintering of tungsten and molybdenum parts in a hydrogen atmosphere furnace. Visit our photo gallery for more Pusher Furnace and Oven photos.                                                                                                                         

Custom Pusher Furnaces & Ovens

Proven Furnace Technology and Innovative Designs for over 50 years

With more than half a century of experience in designing, engineering, manufacturing, and installing custom continuous furnaces, Kleenair Products Co. has what it takes to provide the perfect pusher furnace or pusher oven for your unique application. We utilize proven furnace technology and innovative designs to create a custom pusher furnace that provides the performance and capacity you need, with a footprint that fits your space.

High Performance Pusher Furnaces

Pusher furnaces and pusher ovens (the terms are essentially interchangeable) use mechanical cylinders to push trays of materials through the furnace on fixed rails. Thanks to their design, in which no moving parts are located inside the heat processing area, pusher ovens are capable of the highest operating temperatures of any continuous furnace design.

Multi-tube configurations can be provided to create multiple individual heating chambers for improved throughput. Each tube will have its own pusher mechanism to move workpieces through the furnace at the required processing speed.

  • Kleenair manufactures the industry’s best door seals, door hinges, and door actuators
  • Natural gas or electric heat
  • Compatible with various processing atmospheres (hydrogen, argon, endothermic, etc.)
  • Automated material handling systems available for improved throughput
  • Multi-tube configurations provide multiple individual heating chambers for even greater productivity
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic pushers move workpieces through furnace on rails at precisely controlled speeds to meet your process requirements
  • Advanced interfaces/HMIs make it easy to manage process temperatures, pusher speeds, and other factors
  • Optional part tracking
  • Built to last with heavy duty construction and components
  • Conform to AMS 2750 standards for pyrometry

Reliable & Consistent Pusher Technology for Pusher Furnaces 

Commonly used to treat raw materials via reduction, sintering, or related processes, Kleenair’s pusher furnaces feature robust technology that moves workpieces through the furnace at your prescribed speed. Heavy duty mechanical gearboxes, paired with hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, provide smooth and consistent movement, no matter how large the load.

Contact Us for A Custom Pusher Oven

Kleenair will design, engineer, build, and install a custom continuous pusher furnace that matches your exact specifications. Our goal is to provide the perfect custom furnace for any application, with superior ease of use and unrivaled temperature uniformity. Request a quote on a custom pusher furnace for your application, or contact us to discuss your project.