Custom Walking Beam Furnaces & Ovens

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Walking Beam Furnace

Walking Beam Furnace.

Walking Beam Furnace, used in the beta quench heat treating of zirconium billets. Visit our photo gallery for more Walking Beam Furnace and Oven photos.


Custom Walking Beam Furnaces & Ovens

The Continuous Furnace Experts for over 50 years

Kleenair Products Co. provides custom walking beam furnaces that are based on our customers’ unique design and application requirements and built on more than 50 years of experience and expertise. We combine proven continuous furnace technology with advanced design and engineering capabilities to deliver a custom solution that provides the performance and capacity you need in a footprint that fits you space.

State-of-the-Art Walking Beam Furnaces

In a walking beam furnace or walking beam oven (the terms can be used interchangeably), parts are conveyed through the furnace on a system of moving and stationary beams. Parts or material being processed are placed on trays, which are lifted by the walking beams and moved forward one step at a time; in between steps, the workpiece trays rest on stationary beams. Robotic/automated material handlers at either end load and unload workpieces quickly for improved productivity. Kleenair’s custom walking beam furnaces feature easy to use controls for furnace temperature, walk speed, and other factors, giving users the versatility for a broad array of applications.

  • High processing capacity
  • Kleenair manufactures the industry’s best door seals, door hinges, and door actuators
  • Natural gas or electric heat
  • Compatible with your process atmosphere requirements (nitrogen, endothermic, argon, etc.)
  • Automated material handling options are available for optimum productivity
  • Robust walking beam technology provides reliable and consistent movement
  • Precision control of walking beam timing and furnace temperature
  • Advanced interfaces/HMIs for easy operation
  • Optional part tracking
  • Optional part quenching technology
  • Built to last with heavy duty construction and components
  • Conform to AMS 2750 standards for pyrometry

Heavy Duty Walking Beam Technology for Beam Ovens

Kleenair continuous walking beam ovens are used for a variety of applications, including forging, heat treating, and more. We can provide extremely heavy duty walking beam technology to support workloads of 20,000 lbs. or more. Part quenching systems can be incorporated for carefully-controlled heat and quench operations.

Contact Us for A Custom Walking Beam Furnace

Based on your unique application and performance requirements, Kleenair will design, engineer, manufacture, and install the perfect custom walking beam furnace for your operation. We strive to deliver the highest quality and most dependable continuous furnaces on the market, with outstanding usability and temperature uniformity. Request a quote on a custom walking beam furnace, or contact us to discuss your project.