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Custom Batch Furnaces and Ovens

Fully customized Batch Furnaces and Ovens from Kleenair Products are manufactured to your unique specifications, designed to perform a wide range of heat treatment tasks. Kleenair’s Batch Furnaces and Ovens can produce processing temperatures that range from 200°F to 3,200°F.

Contact us for more information regarding our custom-manufactured industrial batch Furnace and Oven manufacturing capabilities, or call us at 800-275-5152, and we will gladly assist you with any questions. Kleenair Products is your trusted manufacturing partner for premium custom-designed batch furnaces and ovens.

Industrial Batch Heat Treat Furnace

Industrial Batch Heat Treat Furnace

Batch Furnaces and Ovens for Your Industrial Application Needs

Custom batch furnaces are commonly used to cure, dry, anneal, temper, preheat, stress relieve, age, forge, solution heat treating, or perform other operations that require high-end thermal processing. Industrial batch furnace ovens are used to treat, process, or produce various parts and components for a range of industries.

Batch Furnace & Oven Options

Kleenair Products provides several options to meet your project specifications as a custom batch furnace manufacturer. Our batch furnace and oven product options include the following:

Batch Furnaces & Ovens Custom Built to Your Specifications

Looking for a custom-built batch furnace or oven designed to your unique specifications? At Kleenair, all our Batch Furnaces and Ovens are entirely customized, and many are built with unique and innovative designs and features. Our collective wealth of expertise across many different processes and industries—enables us to produce new, highly effective solutions to meet your application’s unique challenges.

Why Choose Kleenair for Your Custom Batch Furnace Needs?

Searching for an experienced industrial Furnace and Oven manufacturing company to meet your unique custom project needs? With over 70 years of direct industry experience, Kleenair Products makes it easy to accomplish your desired results. Some of the benefits of working with Kleenair Products include:

  • Personalized Customer Experience
  • Customer Service That Is Second to None
  • Complete In-House Engineering and Production
  • Unique Custom Options
  • Premium Parts and Components
  • Competitive Pricing
  • 70 Years of Industry Experience
  • Ongoing Support Throughout the Life of the Furnace or Oven

Automatic Material Handling Systems & Solutions

As your process requires, Kleenair Products can integrate automated material handling systems into your furnace or oven. We can develop custom-designed robotic manipulators tailored to your unique process requirements or provide “standard” solutions from Siemens, Fanuc, and other industry-leading robotics OEMs.

Industrial Furnace Parts Service & Support

Kleenair can help to maximize the output and efficiency of your industrial furnace or oven by providing temperature uniformity services and on-site oven and furnace calibration and certification to keep your batch furnace running at peak efficiency.

Contact Kleenair Products for Custom Batch Furnaces & Ovens Today

Looking for a custom-built Batch Furnace or Oven to meet your custom project needs? Kleenair Products has the experience and proven expertise you need. We provide custom design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of premium Batch Furnaces and Ovens that meet your application and performance requirements.

To speak with someone directly, call 800-275-5152Request a quote or contact us to discuss your project today. We look forward to speaking with you!

Industrial Heat Treat Furnace.
Tip-up batch furnaces, used by the aerospace industry in the heat treating of titanium and high nickel alloy forgings. Built in 1997, this automated system includes a quench tank in the floor, with a manipulator in front of each Furnace. Visit our photo gallery for more Industrial Furnace and Oven Material Process photos.

Tip Up Furnace, Manipulator and Quench Tank