Industrial Furnaces

Heat Treat Furnace System

Drop Bottom Aluminum Solution Heat Treat Furnace System

Tip Up Heat Treat Furnace

Tip Up Heat Treat Furnace

Car Bottom Furnaces

High Temperature Carbottom Furnace

With furnace temperatures up to 3450°F (1900°C) Kleenair designs and manufactures a wide range of furnace systems for many applications. We challenge ourselves to build the best furnaces available, based on your unique requirements. Offering a wide range of standard features, each furnace system is constructed using the highest quality materials and workmanship in the world. All Kleenair furnaces are fully factory tested and inspected for proper operation prior to shipment. Parts and services are also available on all furnaces.

Furnace Processes

  • Heat Treating
  • Solution Heat Treating
  • Forging
  • Tungsten/ Molybdenum Reduction
  • Titanium/Zirconium Reduction/ Distillation
  • Investment Casting
  • Incineration
  • Investment Cast Burnout/ Preheat
  • Vacuum
  • Atmosphere
  • Annealing
  • Sintering
  • MIM
  • Metal Oxide Reduction
  • Distillation
  • Galvanizing
  • Quenching

Furnace Types

  • Batch Furnaces
    • Bell
    • Car Bottom Furnaces
    • Box Furnaces
    • Tip-Up Furnaces
    • Drop Bottom
    • Retort Furnaces
  • Continuous Furnaces
    • Mesh Belt
    • Roller Hearth
    • Walking Beam Furnaces
    • Pusher
    • Rotary
    • Rotary Hearth
  • Furnace Heat Sources
    • Electrically Heated
    • Direct Gas Heated
    • Indirect Gas Heated.
    • Oil Heated.
Industrial ovens and material handling systems are also manufactured by Kleenair Products Co; our products provide greater productivity, product consistency and operator safety. Contact Kleenair Products Co. today, for further details on how we can provide your manufacturing facility with top-quality Kleenair furnaces.